Photo Credit: Cornelia Traynor 

Photo Credit: Cornelia Traynor 

Fast Facts In No Particular Order:

I was born and raised in New York City.

Since I was old enough to speak (often with a British accent) I have been an Anglophile. Since visiting Paris, I have become a Francophile.

I am an animal lover. Growing up, I would rescue everything from stray cats and injured pigeons to roosters and iguanas..... okay the iguanas and roosters may have been kidnapped.

I am addicted to: music, laughing, castles, travel, adventures, art, ink, and wings.

I married my best friend. We have two smart, beautiful daughters that melt me every day. ☺

My other passion is writing.

Hablo Español et j'apprends à parler Français.

Once upon a time, I played the piano, the violin, and the guitar.

Current food addiction: Enchiladas Suizas & Pad Thai.


Thanks for visiting my website and taking a moment to get to know me. 

I love capturing connections and the candid moments we share with those closest to us; our family {two-legged & four-legged}, our loves, our friends.

I am proud to say that my images have been featured in publications and blogs including The Albany Times Union, The New York Times, Saratoga Bride, Saratoga Today, TheKnot, and Rustic Wedding Chic. 

My style can be described as candid, contemporary, and romantic. I'm inspired by color, movement, rustic, vintage, LOVE, hope, and adventure. The best part of my job: capturing authentic moments while you have a blast!

I'm available for coffee dates or via email and phone to talk more about your photographic needs.

I look forward to getting to know you!