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It’s all about YOU!

I book a limited number of weddings each year to ensure the best communication response times, attention to detail, personal connections, and undivided focus on your Big Day.

There are no middlemen or associate photographers; you get ME. That means, I’m all yours as a planning resource or to chat about the latest workplace drama. I love being able to provide a luxe, boutique experience and I love to dote on my clients. It’s that simple.

So let’s get to know each other!


The most important part of planning your Big Day other than asking the Love of Your Life to marry you, is choosing your photographer. Okay, I’m highly biased, but seriously!

Your dress will get boxed and stored away; the tux will be returned. The food will be eaten and perhaps talked about the next day; and the booze… well, we know how that goes. The stunning flowers will make their way home with Aunt Mary and the cake top will be saved for next year.

Your lasting memory of all your hard planning, your family & friends sharing in your celebration, and that killer hair & makeup, are your photographs.

The framed image of your first kiss will make you smile every day because you remember how it felt. You’ll share a laugh leafing through your wedding album when you see a candid moment of you & your BFFs boogying down on the dance floor. And everyone you share your images with will be carried away in the beauty and emotion of your wedding day all over again, for generations to come.

I’ve never heard a couple say they regret not ordering the filet mignon. I have heard many say they regret not investing in quality professional photography.



                                                    Don't be shy! Let's talk numbers.                                                          

                                                      I offer comprehensive Wedding Collections from $2100.

                                           Elopements & Intimate Affairs begin at $250 with individualized pricing.


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