Senior Pre-Session Questionnaire

Help me get to know you better in preparation for your upcoming session.

Tell me all about your style, loves, hates, and what you’re envisioning for your session- I want to hear it (or read it) all! And if you have social links to mood boards, please feel free to share that too.


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Cell Phone (for texts)
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Tell me what you like to do for fun!
Tell me about your personal style, vibe, and overall look.
Feel free to share a Pinterest board, Insta, or Facebook album if you have some favorite images you'd like to share.
Any special talents or interesting things you can do that someone might not know by looking at you?
If you're a dancer, athlete, musician, artist, etc., and want to highlight your talent, let's do it! Tell me what pieces we can incorporate and what your vision is.
Tell me what you love about yourself and tell me what you aren't so fond of. My goal is to make you feel your absolute best and most confident!