Trisha Millier- Owner/ Photographer

Extraverted introvert extraordinaire. Your main squeeze… other than your Main squeeze. Your principal photographer, hand holder, auxiliary wedding planner, artist and friend. Here to make you giggle and give you the best experience in front of the camera.

Meredith Hazelton

The instrumental organizer behind the artist. Keeper of sanity, maintainer of lists and timelines, social media expert because I suck at interwebs, ordained officiant in a pinch, and all around awesome human. Also, best hugs ever!

The Super Sisters

This dynamic duo keeps me on my toes! They are proficient at distractions, mischief making, causing infectious laughter, tear jerking, messes, art, and all things Kid. They’re fast… sometimes furious. And if you wonder why reply emails, calls, and scheduled meetings take careful curation, well, these two are the answer. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. #Love #Momlife